Case Study: Action CTP Hosts Annual Virtual Event and Expo

Action Car and Truck Accessories Virtual Event and Expo Case Study


Action Car and Truck Accessories is Canada’s largest automotive accessory retailer. For over 40 years ACTP has been accessorizing cars, trucks, vans, and fleet vehicles.

ACTP has has over 40 locations coast to coast in Canada and growing.

The Challenge

The traditionally in-person ACTP annual event was transformed into a completely digital experience in 2020 due to the unforeseen impacts of COVID-19. Despite considering a return to its traditional format, ACTP recognized that travel limitations or personal reservations may prevent many attendees from participating.

Consequently, the ACTP event team developed a set of vital requirements for the virtual event:

  • A versatile virtual event platform capable of providing an immersive 3D environment that closely emulates the experience of a physical event. This platform would be tasked with effectively showcasing products from over 70 aftermarket car and truck parts suppliers.
  • Custom branding and design solutions that would create a memorable and awe-inspiring impression on guests, enhancing their overall event experience.
  • An abundance of sponsorship opportunities, fostering an environment conducive to relationship-building and potential partnerships.
  • Exhibit booths designed to effectively highlight products, offer seamless access to digital content, and ensure that guests can readily connect with booth representatives for assistance.
  • High-quality streaming services for keynote sessions and the awards ceremony, ensuring a crisp and engaging viewer experience.
  • Networking tools designed to enhance connection and interaction amongst attendees, such as collaborative breakout sessions and networking matchmaking features.
  • Comprehensive reporting and metrics systems that allow sponsors to monitor and understand their Return on Investment (ROI), reinforcing the event’s value proposition.

The Solution

Communique provided a fully customizable virtual event platform, delivering an immersive experience brimming with interaction and virtual networking opportunities.

“I was profoundly impressed by the visual aesthetics and user experience of the event. Communique succeeded in rendering the array of car and truck accessories offered by our sponsors into a captivating online environment,” commended Dave Schmidt, the General Manager.

He further added, “The platform empowered us to spotlight our sponsors in various innovative ways, enabling us to effectively direct booth traffic and foster connections between our sponsors and potential buyers. Moreover, the unparalleled customer support that Communique provided was remarkable. Throughout the project, we felt genuinely valued as a client. Whenever we had an inquiry, not only did we receive a swift response, but it was met with a thorough and insightful answer.”


ACTP virtual event lobby


Theater with Keynotes and Highlights from Sponsors

Tech Lounge with Breakout Training Sessions

Virtual Exhibit Booths to Showcase Sponsor Products

virtual event booth


  • Registrations: 1,807
  • Attendance: 983 attendees
  • Content Views: 51,916
  • Webinar Views: 1,282
  • Booth Entries: 37,439
  • Average Duration: 2:24:17

Going forward ACTP plans to continue the annual virtual event as an effective way to connect their car and truck accessory manufacturers with buyers.

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