Transforming Webinar Engagement: Pure Storage’s Success with Communique’s Experience Platform

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Increase webinar attendance


Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG) is revolutionizing the data storage experience, offering cloud-like simplicity to how data is consumed and interacted with. Pure Storage delivers storage as a service. This enables organizations to maximize their data’s potential without the burden of managing complex infrastructure. This approach allows for agility. It also helps meet diverse data needs in many uses and workloads.

The Challenge

Pure Storage hosts about 100 webinars every year. The webinars are held worldwide to create sales leads, show thought leadership, and educate their customers and partners. But, webinar attendance plateaued. This highlighted the crowded webinar space and the changing needs of prospects and customers. To address this, Pure Storage aimed to improve the webinars. They wanted better analytics for insights. They also sought seamless CRM integration. This would help them manage leads efficiently in their demand generation efforts.

The Solution

Communique’s Webinar Experience Platform was the ideal solution. It met all of Pure Storage’s needs and cost considerably less than competing platforms. The platform excels at engaging audiences beyond legacy webinars. It is also good at analyzing product interest and gathering feedback. This feedback helps tailor client communications and has helped Pure Storage refine its outreach.

Key enhancements provided by Communique’s platform include

  • Customized branding and visually appealing designs for attendee interfaces.
  • Professional virtual backgrounds and graphics for presenters.
  • Dynamic content layouts and targeted calls-to-action (CTAs) to maintain audience engagement throughout the webinar.
  • An engaging pre-webinar lobby experience.
  • Interactive polls and accessible downloadable resources.
  • Immediate post-webinar feedback collection through automated surveys.

Integration with Salesforce ensured a fluid transfer of event insights into Pure Storage’s lead scoring system. This enriched their customer engagement strategies and boosted conversion rates.

The Results

Within five months, Pure Storage witnessed a 33% increase in webinar attendance. CMO Lynn Lucas credited Communique with not only enhancing the audience experience but also significantly elevating engagement levels, leading to substantial growth in attendance figures.

The adoption of Communique’s automation’s also saved Pure Storage considerable manual effort, while its integration features tripled the leads generated per webinar.

Looking Forward

Encouraged by these results, Pure Storage plans to further optimize the use of Communique’s Experience Platform within their marketing strategy. As Lynn Lucas emphasizes, the focus is on maximizing the platform’s impact as part of a broader marketing approach, ensuring continuous improvement and engagement.