Communique Reveals its Next-Generation AI-Powered Webinar Experience Platform

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Introducing an Advanced Era of AI-driven Digital Event Experiences

Today, Communique Conferencing ushers in a new phase of its innovation journey by introducing a next-generation Webinar experience platform powered by artificial intelligence. This evolution enables businesses to dynamically interact with their audiences through deeply personalized experiences, offering insightful analytics that foster results that outperform traditional webinars.

“AI is set to redefine the landscape of digital events, transforming attendee interactions in profound ways. This shift demands that event professionals rapidly adopt AI technologies to stay competitive,” remarks Dee Begley, COO. “The debut of our Event Experience Platform signifies our commitment to provide our customers with an AI advantage in the crowded landscape of webinars.

Webinar Platform Benefits

This integrated approach to market strategies empowers organizations teams to:

  • Create a magnet for attracting new and returning attendees.
  • Amplify engagement: Create unparalleled, branded experiences that engage attendees beyond legacy webinars.
  • Create dynamic scenes and layouts to ensure that the right content or CTA is front and center at each stage of the webinar journey.
  • Streamline the set up process and make it effortless for presenters.
  • AI-Powered insights and analytics: Instead of basic attendance reports you get AI-powered insights that delve into every moment.

Launching the next-generation experience platform marks a milestone in combining AI advancements with over seven years of product innovation. This brings unparalleled value and advantages to our clients competing.

Communique Enables Customers to Break Free from Legacy Webinar Solutions with Experience Platform Offer

Organizations are increasingly challenged with attracting and retaining webinar audiences due to fatigue and evolving content consumption preferences. In response, successful organizations are transforming their webinars into next-generation, elevated experiences. To facilitate this shift, Communique is offering qualified customers the opportunity to expedite their transition to the Experience Platform. This includes a “no-cost” period for the solution until their existing legacy contracts conclude. Moreover, the program encompasses a suite of professional services, also at “no-cost,” to support customers in seamlessly migrating to the new platform. Customers can now replace their existing legacy webinar solutions and seamlessly implement Experience Platform without disruption.

The Legacy Webinar Break Free Program offer is available for a limited time to qualified customers. Interested customers can inquire about the offer here.

33% Webinar Attendance Increase

PureStorage realized a 33% attendance rate increase in five months after switching from a legacy webinar platform to Communique’s next-generation Experience Platform.

“We wanted to create a ‘wow factor’ for our audiences and give our executives and guest speakers effortless, yet professional delivery. Communique helped us do that and more. The elevated guest experience and increased engagement increased our webinar attendance by 33% in five months.” – Lynn Lucas, CMO at PureStorage

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About Communique Conferencing

Communique Conferencing is on a mission to help organizations bring their webinar event strategy into the AI era and drive cost-effective results. Through its leading experience platform, Communique enables customers to combine elevated online event experiences with personalization and content.

Communique has two decades of experience helping organizations host digital events that deliver results. Headquartered in Bethesda, MD, Communique has offices globally in North America and EMEA.