Attendee Engagement

Create countless micromoments that build memorable virtual event experiences.

Attendee engagement is the biggest challenge when it comes to virtual events.

With Communique virtual and hybrid event attendee engagement tools, your team can build creative, attention-grabbing activities into your event agenda.

Virtual Event Engagement

Attendee Engagement Features

en·gage·ing (adjective) - Tending to draw favorable attention or interest

Platform Attendee Engagement Tools

Facilitate Connections that Count

Communique delivers the best audience engagement tools that can help take your virtual or hybrid event to the next level.

  • Leverage A.I. powered networking and matchmaking to facilitate lasting connections
  • Utilize broadcast notifications and alerts drive attendees to sessions, exhibitor halls, networking lounges, and more
  • Meeting scheduling helps attendees and booth reps spend less time managing their calendar and more time building relationships
  • Lounges provide a place where your guests can connect organically and collaborate together within their own time frame


Personalized Content Consumption

Content is the rallying point of every great event, and a top-notch assembly of great content and presenters is essential to delivering and amplifying the core message of your event.

  • Create a welcome video or virtual greeter to welcome attendees and set the stage for the event
  • Personalized agenda building and role-based access to create personalized experiences for individuals and groups
  • Utilize A.I. driven recommended content to reduce search time and deliver exciting and relevant experiences
  • Host live or simulive Webinars in 100+ languages. Keep their attention with chat, Q&A, polls, & surveys
  • Keep the conversation going in breakout rooms for deeper conversations and networking
  • Amplify event sponsorship impact using promotional tools, booths, posters, and more

Entertainment Add-Ons

en·ter·tain·ing (adjective) - Providing entertainment; amusing; diverting


Build Memorable Experiences

Create countless micro-moments that build memorable event experiences,

  • Use gamification with leaderboard create challenges that gets attendees involved, drive interaction, and keep sponsors busy
  • Plan scavenger hunts to get your audience to move around
  • Include real cut out people in your virtual environment to capture the attention of your guests
  • Incorporate a virtual photo booth and invite attendees to capture and share their favorite moments
  • Social media walls collect all social media posts related to your event and adds them to a real-time branded feed on your event
  • Integrate music to help create the perfect mood

Customers Love Communique's Event Engagement Features

"Communique brings an intuitively designed platform with all of the bells and whistles needed to engage our attendees.”

Brenda N

"Whenever I had a question the support team was always responsive and available. I don't think they ever sleep.”

John P

"Communique has been a great platform that is easy to manage and easy for our attendees. It is packed with engagement tools.”

Sarah W

Ready to Host Virtual Events With Powerful Attendee Engagement?

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