Event Breakout Rooms

Break your virtual event into smaller, interactive rooms.

Breakout rooms allow attendees to choose between topic-based concurrent breakout sessions. Create session tracks and tags to make it easy for attendees to browse sessions and add them to their personal agenda.

Virtual Event Platform Breakout Rooms

What are Event Breakout Rooms?

Breakout room are collaborative workshops or smaller meetings where attendees can get together, brainstorm, and discuss various topics. They are a great opportunity for your guests to be active participants in your virtual event, meet like-minded individuals, and stay engaged throughout an otherwise long time online. As such, they are an important part of any agenda.

Conference breakout sessions are typically shorter than other session of the event and they happen in concurrent tracks. Attendees Attendees can choose which breakout sessions to join or the organizer can assign role-based access to breakouts.

Virtual Event Breakout Room Features

Video breakout rooms are best for open round table discussions between your attendees. You can record this session and schedule multiple workshop sessions at a time.

  • Supports up to 250 attendees per session
  • Up to 25 webcams can display on screen at once
  • Offers the ability to have a moderator so that they have more control over the sessions or they can be an open room for attendees to chat and network
  • Audience engagement tools include chat, Q&A, and polls. These can be enabled or disabled per session
  • The moderator/admin can create breakouts within a single workshop session.
    • The attendees can be randomly assigned to rooms or manually assigned.
    • No limit to the number of breakouts
Virtual event platform with breakout rooms

Our Customers Love Communique's Breakout Room Feature

"Many attendees commented on how much they enjoyed interacting with each other using the breakout room feature during our virtual conference"

Michelle G

"Communique helped us set up breakout rooms so attendees could choose from topic oriented and engage with each other."

Daniel M

"Communique's native webinar and breakout session technology was easy to use allowed the live presentations to run smoothly."

Connie O

Host Legendary Virtual Events.

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