Host Large Scale Virtual Events in Any Language

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Hosting Multi-Language Global Virtual Events Just Got Easier

Virtual events open the doors to a broader global audience. Organizers, however, need to factor in not only time zones when planning a virtual event, but there also language considerations. Interprefy makes Communique virtual event platform multilingual, so that attendees can listen to presenters in a language of their choice, helping to increase engagement and more inclusive.

Interprefy has revolutionized simultaneous interpreting by providing software and a team of interpreters to deliver services remotely to virtual and hybrid events.

In addition, Virtual event participants can listen to webinar presenters via the language of their choice through their smartphones, laptops or desktops. It features an array of tools to optimize the user experience and there is no limit to the number of languages that can be provided.

“Accelerated by the pandemic, the events industry has increasingly turned to virtual events. And recognizing their many benefits, will continue to leverage these virtual event platforms long after the pandemic has subsided. The Interprefy and Communique partnership is a powerful combination and represents a step-change in the way both businesses address the needs of the market,” said Richard Roocroft, Director of Global Sales, Interprefy.

Virtual Event Language Interpretation