How Do You Conduct a Virtual Health Fair

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Wondering how to conduct a virtual health fair? A health fair is an event in which organizations can educate employees about workplace wellness and relevant health issues. You can invite wellness experts for professional advice at the event. You may also highlight the wellness benefits available to your employees and incorporate other interactive activities into such a fair.

Traditionally, health fairs have been in-person events. However, as organizations and businesses increasingly rely on a mix of on-site and remote employees, in-person events are often inadequate. The remote employees may not be able to attend the event at all. Even if they do, the costs of travel and logistics can significantly add to the cost of the event.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution. You can arrange a virtual health fair instead of an in-person event. Many companies are increasingly taking this path as it offers numerous advantages.

Here is a look at how a virtual health fair works, and some relevant ideas and guidelines you may explore to make your next health fair a smashing success.

What is a Virtual Health Fair?

A virtual health fair is an online event where you can bring your remote team together to learn, share, and celebrate health and well-being. You can also unveil wellness benefits for your employees. This is a virtual event that your employees can attend from any location using a computer or mobile device. This allows you to sign up all relevant employees for the health fair, regardless of their location.

In contrast to conventional in-person health fairs, a virtual health fair offers a broad range of benefits. These include the following:

  • Better Accessibility: Whether all your employees are based at a single office, situated across several offices, or located all over the world, a virtual health fair enables them to attend the event. Such flexibility ensures that you get all your employees on board for the event.
  • Better Participant Experience: You can incorporate an array of components into your virtual health fair. You may even create an immersive 3D virtual environment for the audience. Features like Webinars, chat rooms, one-on-one video calls, and vendor exhibitor booths can increase engagement.
  • Reduced Costs: Hosting a physical health fair incurs significant costs. The expenses only add up if you have to pay for employees from distant locations to attend the event. In contrast, a virtual event saves you the entirety of the logistics costs. Your only expense goes into creating an engaging attendee experience.

Virtual Health Fair Ideas

The key concern in a virtual health fair is to ensure that your audience is engaged through a variety of interactive activities. As the focus is on workplace wellness and the health of the employees, you can use this theme to create various fun activities that educate at the same time.

Here are several virtual health fair ideas you can incorporate into your event to make it a success:

Fitness and Self-Care Classes

Incorporate webinar sessions with fitness-related classes such as:

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Body Weight Boot Camp
  • Mat Pilates
  • Cardio Boxing

Virtual Health Fair Wellness

Health Coaching

Health coaching is where a certified coach offers hands-on guidance about a specific area of personal health. Such coaching may be offered for physical fitness and training, mental health, healthy lifestyle choices, nutrition, or any other wellness niche.

It is best to run surveys among your employees to see what type of health coaching most interests them. For instance, you can arrange a virtual session with a reputable trainer if 80% of your employees are interested in physical fitness and training. Similarly, you can invite a mental health professional if workplace stress and anger management issues are rife.

Cooking Classes

Food is a great way to make your audience interested in your virtual health fair. Even better, you can create an interactive attendee experience around food by arranging a virtual cooking class. You will need a leading cooking maestro for this.

Alternatively, you can make it a sort of contest so that all employees can participate with their own recipes. This is particularly relevant if your employees come from different cultural backgrounds. The online session can also be streamed live to the public if your employees are comfortable with it.

Rewards and Giveaways

Rewards and giveaways are useful tools to drive audience engagement at a virtual health fair. You can strategically position the rewards so that employees are incentivized to attend the sessions and perform specific activities.

You can partner with your vendors to offer rewards and giveaways that apply to health and wellness services or products. This will further encourage your employees to make healthy choices and move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Best Virtual Health Fair Vendors

When organizing a virtual health fair, it is critically important to handpick the right vendors. You should ideally look for vendors in the health and wellness niche who have experience with virtual events. Vendors with a traditional approach may not be able to handle the logistics of an online event.

Use this handy criterion to shortlist the vendors for your online health fair:

  • Well-established in the workplace health and wellness niche
  • Can easily work with online events
  • Have interactive activities and content to engage an online audience
  • Deliver something of genuine value to your employees

If you are still unsure what type of vendors fit the bill, here are some ideas to get you started in the right direction.

Certified Yoga Instructor: Guided Yoga Classes

A key goal of a virtual health fair is to foster healthy workplace practices among the participating employees. You can improve employee productivity by helping them optimize their posture while sitting at their desks.

A great way to promote this is by partnering with a certified yoga instructor. You can incorporate a guided yoga class into the health fair. This will make your event more interactive and offer something genuinely useful for the attendees.

For the yoga instructor, the yoga class can serve as a springboard to bring on new clients and help more people improve desk work postures.

Organic Food Restaurant: Healthy Recipes

The food you eat must cater to the lifestyle you live. If you have employees working at their desks for several hours, they must have meals optimized for their work routine. Many employees at your company may not be sure how to curate meals and recipes that provide nutrition while helping them stay fit.

You can bring on a local restaurant that specializes in organic meals. Such a restaurant would be a perfect vendor for your virtual health fair.

Chefs or experts from the restaurant can show off healthy recipes that use fresh fruits, nuts, and vegetables. To add fun to the activity, employees attending the virtual health fair can be asked to recreate the recipe at their homes in real time.

The restaurant may even offer a free e-book with a complete list of healthy recipes tailored to the work routine and lifestyle of your employees. A free takeaway like this may encourage healthy eating habits among your employees.

Professional Therapist: Stress Management Sessions

Work-related stress can directly impact the mental health of your employees. Although the workplace should ideally be free of stressful situations, it is not always possible. The next best solution is to help your employees learn how to manage stress effectively.

You can sign up a professional therapist as one of your vendors at the virtual health fair. The therapist may provide on-demand one-on-one stress management sessions for your employees. You can also bring together a group session on stress management, making it open to all participants.

National Safety Council: First Aid Training

Workplace accidents can sometimes result in injuries. If quick and timely first aid is at hand, the damage from such injuries can be minimized. Similarly, if an employee suffers a heart stroke or another medical emergency at the workplace, timely first aid can be a lifesaver.

You can train your workforce in first aid, CPR, and other emergency relief measures by partnering with National Safety Council (NSC). NSC and several other reputable organizations offer first-aid training tailored to workplace environments. Your employees will end up not only learning life-saving tips and techniques but also earning a certificate of completion.

How do I Host a Virtual Health Fair?

A virtual health fair involves a different set of logistics in contrast to an in-person health fair. You must be prepared for the challenges that come up and be cognizant of the opportunities you can utilize. Here are some steps you can take to ensure that your virtual health fair is a success with your employees.

Choose the Right Platform

The choice of the right virtual event platform is one of the most important decisions you will make when hosting a virtual health fair. A good platform must offer you full support for all the features and activities you intend to incorporate into your fair.

When choosing a platform, you must ask questions such as: does the platform offer live streaming capabilities? Can you create virtual booths or other one-on-one interaction scenarios? Is it possible to add live chat or chat rooms to the event?

A quality platform should ideally offer integration for any other virtual services you may want to use.

Partner with the Right Sponsors

When it comes to a virtual health fair, you must do the legwork to find the right sponsors. A good sponsor is relevant to the health and wellness industry and can work with virtual events. Not all sponsors fit the bill. Examples include:

  • Fitness trainers
  • Mental health professionals
  • Dieticians
  • Nutritionists
  • Fitness equipment manufacturers
  • Local food companies
  • Healthy eating restaurants.

Work with a Theme

It is always best to work with a specific virtual event theme when it comes to a virtual health fair. A theme helps you stay organized and focused. It also lets your employees know what to expect from the event.

You can theme the virtual event around physical mobility, for instance. This would involve stressing  ergonomic work desks, regular breaks from the screen, massage and physical exercises during the work day, and lifestyle choices that can help with physical fitness.

A theme also helps you determine what type of vendors you need, and what activities you should incorporate into the event.

Offer Content as Downloads

Despite the best of your efforts, some employees miss out on the event. You can make the content from the virtual health fair available as on-demand downloads. This not only helps the employees who missed out, but it also allows the attendees to revisit the event.

You can also use this content for promotional and marketing purposes. Events like virtual health fairs are a perfect opportunity to show the creative and social side of your business. You can use the content from the fair to showcase your efforts to create a healthy workplace environment.

Employee Well being Portal

Many organizations create a year-round virtual environment providing a single online destination for employees to view a program calendar and quickly gain access to other great wellness resources including:

  • Calendar of Events
  • On-demand classes
  • Vendor Coupons
  • Online store to shop company branded swag
  • Wellness Resources

Virtual Health Fair Wellbeing


A virtual health fair offers the perfect opportunity to deliver education, training, and information related to workplace wellness and overall employee health. Given the flexible nature of an online event, you can use a variety of activities to engage your audience.

If you plan and execute the online health fair effectively, you can dramatically transform the workplace environment and culture at your company. At the same time, this can improve employee productivity, satisfaction, and retention rates.

The key is to work towards a win/win situation where you, as the employer, and the employees benefit from the event.

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