LAZ Parking Educates Employees With Virtual Benefits Fair

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LAZ Parking Virtual Benefits Fair Case Study

Industry: Parking Management

Solution: Virtual Benefits Fair for Open Enrollment

Summary: With over 4,000 employees located across thousands of locations nationwide, helping employees make informed benefits decisions became increasingly challenging. LAZ Parking worked with Communique to create a virtual benefits fair & open enrollment environment that provided an ideal solution to make the annual open enrollment process very convenient, especially the parking staff that only have a mobile phone.

Challenge: Communicating benefits options to geographically dispersed employees

LAZ Parking is one of the nation’s largest parking management service providers. LAZ operates over one million parking spaces in thousands of locations across the United States and provides parking management services in the following: hospitality & valet, office buildings, medical & hospital, airport & transportation, campus, government & municipal, retail & mixed-use, event parking, residential buildings and shuttle services.

“Communicating benefit plan options and changes became a huge challenge for our small HR team.” Catherine Carney, LAZ Parking Wellness Coach,

LAZ Parking’s HR team turned to Communiqué Conferencing for a solution that could address these issues. “With most of the employees only having a mobile phone – because they are not at their desks due to the type of work that they perform – the virtual benefits fair environment provided an ideal platform to communication the benefit options and changes for the year.”

Solution: Utilize Communique’s Virtual Benefits Fair Platform

LAZ’s HR Benefits team worked with Communique’s expert project team to design and online environment that reflected LAZ Parking’s brand and provided easy access to host townhall webcasts and engage with benefits providers. The lobby even included images of a company vehicle and the executive management team.

Using Communique Conferencing’s flexible and entirely virtual conference platform, LAZ Parking’s Open Enrollment conference was accessible to employees to join online twice a day for 3 weeks. Presentations were recorded live for on-demand viewing. This made the annual open enrollment process very convenient, especially for those employees constantly on-the-go.

The virtual environment housed a lobby area, where employees entered and were then steered towards the auditorium where the live sessions occurred. Employees were able to chat with human resource personnel during live sessions. Booths were also available to showcase different healthcare plans and options, such as medical, dental, and vision and help employees navigate through the decision-making process.

Because Communique’s virtual online conference plat-form was easy to access and intuitive, all employees were able to fully participate and engage in discussions.

The Communique virtual platform was very easy-to-use. A huge cost benefit was that 30 or so people didn’t have to be flown in to the corporate office to get the same message to channel the same message. Cost savings was also a top factor from a time value position, because human resources didn’t have to be involved at all. The burden was much less.” – Catherine Carney

Virtual Benefits Fair Theater

Results: Effectively Communicating open enrollment options to on-the-go employees

With Communique’s virtual environment in place, LAZ Parking was able to send a consistent message to their employees across thousands of locations. This eliminated redundant inquiries when it came to weighing health benefit preferences. “In the past, we use to train our Human Resource representatives so that they can communicate the message to their departments. This required travel and training, costing money and taking time away from daily work activities. Now, corporate can just send the consistent message across the board. This year, we knew what the message was over and over. It was worth its weight in gold.” (Catherine Carney)

Because Communique’s virtual online conference platform was easy to access and intuitive, all employees were able to fully participate and engage in discussions. In fact, the event allowed LAZ Parking to go virtually paperless, as their enrollment, medical, and claim forms were directly linked to their human resource portal from the online virtual benefits site.

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