Mobile App Features to Boost Your Next Hybrid or In-Person Event

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As our clients move towards in-person and hybrid events, Communique has launched several new features to make the experience better for both in-person and virtual attendees.

The Communique Mobile Event App offers event audiences an additional avenue for participation and engagement. Through the app, attendees can access live chats, polling, and Q&A, participate in live sessions, access and customize their profile and agenda, configure notifications, and much more. Communique strives to provide a seamless experience for event managers and organizers to create meaningful and authentic event experiences for attendees as an all-in-one event technology platform.

Check out the features below and consider using them at your next event!

Table of Contents

On-site check-in using a QR code

Covid Screening forms

Booth Scanning

Next Level Engagement

Promote Sponsors

Mobile Event App QR CodeOn-Site Contactless Check-in Using a QR Code

works by registering online on the platform and then downloading the Communique mobile app. The attendee downloads the mobile app and logs in, they can access their QR code on the app. The QR code can be scanned onsite to check-in attendees.

Safety Checks: Covid Screening & Security Checks

COVID screening forms can be added to the mobile app.  When completed, only then attendees will be able to enter the physical site. For example, to access the mobile app and QR code, attendees must to fill out a Covid survey that will ensure they are vaccinated and/or have no symptoms.

Booth Scanning

Booths can be scanned on-site. It allows attendees to scan the QR code of the booth and then access it virtually as well. This is a helpful feature for tracking activity in event reports, as it will show the exhibitor the number of people who visited their booth physically.

Next-Level Engagement

Provide a second-screen experience for event-goers. Encourage maximum engagement during sessions, workshops, and in the expo halls. In-person audiences can participate in chats with virtual attendees, while virtual attendees can submit questions to on-stage speakers.

Virtual gamification with leaderboard can award points for attendees who complete specific tasks within your event. On the leaderboard, anything goes. Reward attendees for viewing a video, downloading a document, or attending a webinar. Then, offer prizes to attendees with the most points!

Mobile Event App TechnologyPromote Sponsors

Sponsors are often a very important part of the event experience, so it’s crucial that they have a high level of success at your event. In many cases, your event’s sponsors are spending quite a bit of money with you to get their brand or messaging across to your attendees. Your mobile event app can be one of the most effective ways to solidify those relationships and provide them with tangible and measurable ROI.

There are many ways to promote your Sponsors within the app including adding sponsor logos to the app experience.


Whether used at an in-person only, hybrid, or virtual event, the Communique mobile event app adds value to your conference, summit, or trade show. It serves as an essential additional tool to view event content and authentically engage and connect with attendees. We’ve designed our mobile app to mirror our desktop experience, where attendees can drop into networking lounges, gain in-depth event analytics, and engage in 1:1 video calls.

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