New Virtual Conference Video Chat Feature

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Increasing attendee engagement is one of the top priorities for virtual conferences. How do you replace those face-to-face connections and create more interactions with your attendees within a virtual event?

Communique’s new video chat feature enables face-to-face connections between attendees as well as between booth representatives and attendees.


If enabled, attendees can search for other attendees by a variety of criteria (name, company, title, country, etc.) or keyword. Attendees can text chat, 1:1 or group video chat, email and LinkedIn with other attendees.  Of course, attendees can set their own status to “do not disturb” if they wish to not be contacted.

Virtual Conference Video Chat


Booth Rep-to-Attendee

If enabled, booth reps can 1:1 or group video chat with attendees to establish that face-to-face connection.

Virtual Booth Video Chat


Virtual Conference Video Chat: Key Takeaways

Video chat is a great addition to any virtual conference to facilitate and increase attendee engagement. Later in 2021, Communique is adding small group chat functionality, which will enable small group audio and/or video meetings.

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