New Webinar Platform Feature – Bring Attendees On Stage

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Want a better way to engage your webinar attendees? On Stage is a new Communique webinar software platform feature that allows participants to request to speak and be brought “on stage” to ask questions live via audio or webcam. When on stage, the attendees can be seen and heard by the speakers as well as the webinar participants.

The new features, launched April 4, 2022, gives the webinar hosts complete control over allowing/disallowing attendees to speak (with video) during webinars. Your audience can now engage with presenters live just like an in-person event.

Why is On Stage Webinar Feature Important to You?

Webinars have large audiences unlike meeting tools like Zoom Teams which are designed for more collaborative meetings. These webinars are typically a one-way broadcast, with audiences simply viewing and engaging via text. Hosts have some control over who “speaks” but sifting through a large attendee list to see who has their hand raised while presenting is impractical at best. The new On Stage feature audience engagement that is similar to an in-person event.

New webinar software platform featureHow Does it Work?

When On-Stage is enabled, a participant can use the On-Stage widget to signal that they want to speak or ask a question. Webinar hosts will see these requests and decide which participant they want to bring “on stage.” With a single click, the attendee is added to the stage, where they can then ask their question or make comments. The attendee appears in the video window alongside the presenters. Hosts can easily revoke this privilege and return a participant to the attendee view anytime.


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