Hybrid Event Platform

Our Event Cloud platform offers a complete technology stack for hybrid events. Combine both in-person and virtual attendees to your event, from registration to streaming to showcasing sponsors. Real-time reporting includes every detail of the event from registration and session attendance to content consumption trends and booth traffic analysis.

Leverage our 21 years' experience hosting events.

Hybrid Event Platform Technology

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Benefits of Hosting a Hybrid Events with Communique

Flexible design and robust production tools

Easy Event Management

Agenda creation, custom registration forms, ticketing, email communications, virtual environment set up, session creation and delivery, and post event analytics.

Real Time Data & Analytics

Real-time metrics for both browser and mobile app users. Track your registrants, attendance, webinar views, duration, exhibitor stats, content views, chats, and more.

Registration & Ticketing

Create a single, highly customizable, registration page for both your in-person and virtual attendees. Set up ticketing, payments, discount codes, and special access to rooms or sessions.

Engage Your Audience

Powerful audience engagement including Q&A, polls, survey, captions, language translation, games, scavenger hunts, and networking lounges.

3rd Party Integrations

Pass data to and from your 3rd party CRM or other software including Eloqua, Marketo, Salesforce, and HubSpot.


Mobile App for In-Person

Contactless in-person event check-in and COVID forms. Attendees can view live or on-demand sessions, chat, participate in networking and receive push notifications,

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Top Hybrid Event Patform Features

Create bespoke hybrid attendee experiences with stunning design, HD quality streaming and powerful engagement tools.

Create stunning hybrid event registration and landing pages to collect data and process ticketing for your in-person and virtual guests. Or use our API to integrate with any 3rd party registration tool.

  • Create multiple ticket types for role-based access to sessions, rooms, or content
  • Promote early bird discounts
  • Payment processing
  • Create fully custom email confirmations and reminders for in-person vs. virtual attendees.
  • Promote your hybrid event agenda, sponsors, and more
Hybrid Event Platform Streaming

Stream Live Sessions

Stream hybrid event sessions from your onsite A/V and production team.

  • Native streaming technology - no need to pay for or deal with 3rd party webinar tools. Or bring your own
  • Unlimited attendee scale
  • Ticket-based permission access
  • Create concurrent session tracks
  • Engage your guests with Q&A, polls, & handouts
  • Language translation & captioning
  • Stream webcams or RTMP production feed

Streamline your on-site guest experience with contactless check-in, COVID forms, push notifications, and engagement tools.

  • Contactless check-in
  • View live or on-demand sessions
  • Agenda
  • Schedule meetings
  • Chat & networking
  • Access to virtual expo booths
  • Engage with content
Hybrid Event Attendee Engagement

Engagement Features for an Unforgettable Attendee Experience

Allow in-person and virtual attendees to connect, engage, and build meaningful relationships before, during, and after the event is over.

  • Activity feed
  • Gamification with leaderboard
  • Tailored in-person and virtual attendee networking
  • Networking lounges with threaded forum discussions by topic
  • Immersive live polling & integrated Q&A
  • Reactions and emojis
  • Send announcements to online attendees, mobile app users, or both
  • Attendee browse, text/video chat, and meeting scheduler
  • A.I. driven attendee matching suggestions
  • Photo booth and social media wall

Create connections that extend well beyond the day of the hybrid event program.

  • Attendee-to-attendee text and video chat
  • Attendee profiles
  • Meeting scheduling
  • Collaborative breakout sessions
  • Attendee connection or matchmaking recommendations
  • Networking lounges
  • Team building activities
Hybrid Event Platform Engagement
Hybrid event booth

Give your sponsors what they are looking for.

  • Virtual expo booths with live text and video chat and meeting scheduling
  • Organize access to digital booth content
  • Host webinars
  • Exhibitors can see how their booth is performing by tracking visits, content views, downloads and rep chat activity.
  • The exhibitor dashboard is updated in real time to help maximize ROI

Measure Your Hybrid Event's Impact

Gear up for your most productive event debrief yet. Filter event data based on your team’s KPIs and sponsor performance. Export all the event stats available to share with your team or use our API to push to your CRM.

Real-time insights and engagement and sponsor performance through the use of mobile applications, QR codes and dashboards to capture valuable data and make better-informed decisions.

  • Analyze your hybrid event activity and in-person registration data in one place
  • Fully functional reporting dashboard for hosts and exhibitors
  • Download chat logs and transcripts
Hybrid Event Platform Reporting

Our Clients Rave About Us

Hybrid Event Platform Reviews

Anika M

A great hybrid conference platform with lots of engagement features. What I liked the best was the one-on-one service received from the beginning. Starting with Kate who helped with visionary planning and ending with Julia our project manager who was there for us from the inception until the wrap-up session. The weekly calls had kept us on track."

Hybrid Event Platform review

Laura B

"Far and away, the most interactive and best-looking hybrid conference software platform. Very easy for the attendees to use. It actually feels like an event rather than a glorified website or list of Zoom webinars. The support team is always available. I don't think the team ever sleeps. They were professional, knowledgeable, and has our best interest at heart."


James B

"I have done multiple events with Communique and I find it to be the best hybrid event platform on the market for the price. The attendees really liked the look and the feel of the platform and how easy it was to navigate. The mobile app was well received by the in-person attendees. Our account manager was there every step of the way to make sure it went off without a hitch."

Hybrid Event FAQs

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid conference caters to both in-person and remote attendees. The best hybrid conference platforms create unique experiences for different types of participants with a curated and engaging experience.

Organizers should use the term “hybrid” to mean that the event will reach both in-person and virtual audiences. The “how” and the “what” can be whatever works for your unique event, budget and resources.

  • How: Delivering an experience to the two audiences either non-sequential (in-person and virtual events are on different days) or sequential (at the same time).
  • What (are virtual attendee components and experience): Access to the streamed sessions only, include content, networking, booths?

Hybrid conference models will make events more inclusive than ever before. Whether people decide not to travel out of a concern for health and safety, budget, time constraints, or carbon footprint awareness, they will all be part of the event experience as one community.

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What are the benefits of hosting a hybrid event?

Organizers are realizing that there are many benefits to hosting hybrid events.

Following has some of the top hybrid event benefits:

  1. Connect with more attendees: Physical only events are limited to only those with the time and resources to travel. Sports teams figured out many years ago that they could reach more fans by broadcasting games through TV and cable in addition to stadium attendance. The same benefits apply to hybrid events.
  2. Lower cost: Reaching attendees via a hybrid conference software is cheaper than the cost for travel, hotel, food, staffing, etc.
  3. Facilitate engagement: The best hybrid event software platforms include a mobile app so that in-person attendees can search and connect with virtual attendees via text and video chat. Also, virtual attendees, as well as in-person attendees can participate in session Q&A.
  4. Reduced carbon footprint: Physical events can have a large carbon footprint. Hybrid conferences can substantially reduce the events carbon footprint.
  5. Extended shelf life: Physical events are done immediately after the last session or other agenda item. Hybrid events can be available on-demand for weeks or months to allow attendees access to recordings and content.
  6. More data: Hybrid events produce way more data on attendees. Imagine someone following an in-person event attendee around with a clip board and writing down every thing they did (sessions watched, content viewed, booths visited, etc.).
What should I look for in a hybrid event platform?

The top things to look for in a hybrid conference software platform are:

  • Reliable technology infrastructure to mitigate technical problems during live days.
  • Robust attendee engagement features
  • The ability to customize the environment look and feel to promote your brand and event theme.
  • Help with set up and during live days
  • Experience in hosting similar events that you can leverage in designing your hybrid event.

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How do you host a hybrid event?

Steps to host a hybrid conference:

  1. Decide your hybrid conference format. Do you have the budget and resources to support a synchronous event (both in-person and virtual happening at the same time) or non-synchronous (virtual and hybrid event happen at different times)?
  2. Decide which session will be streamed to the virtual audience. Since the virtual attendees are not one the same time zone you may not be able to stream all of your agenda sessions.
  3. Choose the best hybrid event platform
  4. Create your hybrid conference content (documents, videos, polls, surveys, etc.).
  5. Train the speakers to connect with both audiences and conduct practice sessions.
  6. Deliver the hybrid conference.
  7. Download the reporting to measure success.
  8. Post event activities (recordings, follow up, etc.).

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How does a hybrid event work?

Hybrid events allow you to engage with a wider audience, as they can accommodate both on-site and virtual participants. In most cases, the physical component of the event is hosted in a venue, while the virtual component is broadcast online.

Hybrid events can be synchronous (both virtual and in-person happens at the same time), asynchronous, or a combination.

At the in-person event, attendees can interact in person, as well as with remote participants via text or video chat. This allows for a more personal experience than a purely virtual event, as well as the opportunity for face-to-face networking.

The virtual component of a hybrid event usually consists of a live stream of the on-site event. This allows remote guests to watch the event from the comfort of their own home or office. Depending on the event, attendees may also be able to interact with each other and the speakers through Q&A, chat, and other engagement tools.

You can also make use of hybrid event technology to enhance your guest experience. This includes event registration software, which can be used to manage the registration process for both on-site and virtual attendees. You can also make use of virtual meeting functionality to host breakout sessions or interactive activities that can be enjoyed by both groups.


Overall, hybrid events offer organizations an effective way to engage with a larger and more diverse audience. By combining the best elements of a physical and a virtual event, hybrid events can create an engaging and interactive experience for all participants.

We have helped clients around the world manage thousands of Webinars, Virtual, & Hybrid events for the past 21 years