Virtual Event Platform

Audiences spend plenty of time staring at screens - and they will give you their attention, if you are able to develop an experience worthy of their time. We deliver event experiences that will knock the socks off your audience.

Communique offers a choice of two award winning Virtual Event Platforms to support every budget and event type.

Best Virtual Event Platform

An easy-to-use, yet highly engaging, platform for virtual events. Attendees can watch keynotes, engage within multiple breakout sessions, interact with virtual exhibitors, network with groups or individuals, answer polls, access content, and participate in ongoing forum discussions. Learn more >

Virtual Event Platform

Far and away, the most interactive and best-looking 3D Virtual Event platform. Very easy for the attendees to use. It actually feels like an event rather than a glorified website or list of webinars. Dozens of engagement tools to keep your audience on the edge of their seat. Learn More>

Voted Best Virtual Event Platform 2022

Benefits of Hosting a Virtual Event With Communique


Virtual Event Customization

Choose from existing templates or design a stand-out virtual environment with your brand, colors, and graphics.

Virtual Expo - Customizable


Create custom registration forms, sell tickets, segment your audience, and send email confirmations and reminders within minutes.

Virtual Conference Registration


Track every attendee activity including logins, live and recorded webinar views, chats, content, networking, booth visits, and more.

Global Virtual Conference Platform


Invite presenters and attendees from any location and language globally. Language translation & live interpretation in 29 languages.

Virtual Expo Platform Secure


Fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. Also, ISO 27001 certified for data security.

Virtual Trade Show Software Hosted


Full organizer and speaker training, set up support, and live day 24x7 chat support.

Over 3,000 Customers Served Over 20 Years


Top Virtual Event Platform Features

Virtual Event Rooms & Design

Virtual Event Rooms & Design

  • Rock solid, reliable hosting. Scales to 100,000 attendees & is ISO 27001 Certified for attendee data security.
  • Choose from stunning 2D or 3D templates or create any custom design you can imagine
  • Include rooms and spaces to match your virtual event goals such as a lobby, exhibit hall, theater, networking lounge, help desk, resource center, etc.
  • Add custom people to represent your organizations culture, diversity and connect with your attendees.
  • Easy, simple navigation
Attendees & Agenda
Content Access
Attendee Engagement
Live or Recorded Sessions
Reporting & Support

Practically All the Technology Solutions for Your Virtual Event

Communique is your dedicated, experienced, tech partner that supports you in creating the right tech stack to meet all of your virtual event goals — and help you with industry benchmarks and the data infrastructure. We can integrate a variety of technologies such as a virtual photo booth, social media wall, payment processing, etc. to provide a complete virtual event solution.

Attendee Engagement

Communicate and engage with the attendees such as custom email communications, live day push notifications, and text and video chat technology for attendee-to-host and attendee-to-attendee interaction. Gamification elements can be included such as the ability to create avatars or participate in event challenges or games and dynamic session Q&A, surveys and polls to take the engagement activities to the next level. Finally, entertainment surprises can be integrated such as a photo booth, social media wall, wellness room, etc.

Virtual Event Logistics

Managing a virtual event has many different operational elements that our platforms help seamlessly execute. Registration collection, email confirmations and payment processing. Also, managing the creation of the event agenda, organizing booths, and facilitating session creation and delivery and one-to-one meeting scheduling. Proving the ROI on virtual events is a mission-critical priority for most clients. Our platforms supply ample, real-time, reporting that includes every detail of the event from registration and session attendance to content consumption trends and booth traffic analysis.

Environment Design & Content Delivery

The ability to create a gorgeous custom-branded experience helps create a truly unique event that wows your attendees. This includes more than the ability to change the color palette and swap out the logos. Content can be delivered across various channels, including delivery via live stream, prerecorded or a combination of both. Tracks can be curated or fully personalized, supported by role-based access or AI-driven (think Netflix) recommendations. Finally, we offer features that support a global audience like language translation, live interpretation, and closed captions.

Martech Integrations

With the amount and the value of data generated by virtual events, our open API can integrated to other technologies, such as marketing automation and CRM software. Improving future marketing campaigns, optimizing the segmentation strategy, improving content creation strategies and enabling holistic reporting are just a few of the benefits.




What Our Customers Are Saying

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Virtual Event Platform Reviews

Laura S.

The Communique Virtual Event platform is the best I've seen and gives our virtual events the 'wow' factor we're looking for. We've now used Communique for three virtual events so feel completely comfortable, but the first time you use it can be overwhelming given it has so many features. Communique has done a great job at streamlining the process. Our project manager Julia is amazing to work with and incredibly helpful.

Jason K.

Communique has an excellent project management team that really knows the virtual event platform and experience inside and out. They are knowledgeable, capable and really care about making our event a success. The virtual event platform is very user friendly and easy to navigate. We received lots of great feedback from our attending customers and partners!

Gregg J.

Over and above all expectations! Communique's virtual event platform has incredible design and attendee engagement features. This, combined with the support of a friendly, responsive, and expert project managers, provided the best possible virtual conference experience for our attendees and sponsors. A+

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