Meet the Next-Generation AI Webinar Platform

Deliver elevated, binge-worthy experiences.

It’s not a webinar platform. It’s an next-generation experience platform.

We’ve tackled the two biggest webinar frustrations. First, we've simplified things for presenters to the extent that being late isn’t a panic moment anymore—no need for them to fiddle with their camera or mic. And for attendees, our AI-driven dynamic experience engine make webinars twice as engaging delivering 2X better results.

Standout from your competition and improve your results.

Best Webinar Software Platform

Not to Brag.. But You're in Good Company

Webinar Platform Benefits

Give Your Team an Advantage

It's the difference between the 1,929,999,999 events that deliver mediocre results, and the .000000002% that outperform.

A Next-Generation Webinar Experience Platform Powered by AI

Elevate Your Webinar Experience

Elevate your brand and messaging well above the look and feel of basic platforms like WebEx, Zoom, or Teams. With our webinar platform, you can create a unique and memorable experience for your audience, setting your brand apart from the competition.

  • Your brand forward, not ours
  • Broadcast production feel - Custom backgrounds and lower third graphic overlays to display the speakers name, organization, and/or job title
  • Switch between different speaker and content layouts on-the-fly
Webinar Platform Emoji's
Webinar platform engagement

Keep Your Guests on the Edge of Their Seats

All the tools you need to maximize your attendee engagement and keep your audience on the edge of their seats.

  • Choose from 22 engagement tools including Q&A, polls, surveys, resources, speaker bios, and more
  • Chat and emojis
  • Bring attendees onstage
  • 1:1 conversations
  • Announcements & CTAs
  • Subtitles & language translation
  • CE credits & certificates

Effortlessly Create Unique Experiences

Easily run your webinar like a broadcast news director giving you full control over your audience experience.

Dynamic scenes and layouts ensure that the right content or CTA is front and center at each stage of the webinar journey.

  • Pre-show lobby: Play custom hold music, play promotional video clips, enable Q&A or chat to allow guests to engage and ask questions before start time, and include a countdown timer.
  • Presentation layout
  • Q&A and/or survey layout
  • Post event layout: Allow attendees to continue their journey by clicking custom CTA's, download resources, take a survey, etc.
Communique Webinar software platform
Webinar Platform Engagement

Conversations & Annoucements

  • Interact 1:1 with attendees outside of the typical Q&A tools to answer questions or provide personalized support.
  • Send broadcast announcements to all attendees during your webinar with links to CTA's, survey's, and more.

Speaker Green Room

Manage your speakers by popping out to the green room during your webinar.

A webinar green room serves as a preparation area for organizers, speakers, and moderators before the live event begins. It is essentially the same virtual space where the event will occur, but without being visible or audible to the attendees.

The green room provides a private environment for speakers and moderators to rehearse presentations, and coordinate final details, ensuring a smooth and well-prepared start to the live webinar.

Webinar platform green room
webinar platform integrations

Enrich Your Attendee Data With Integrations

Legacy webinar platforms provide basic attendance reports. With Experience Platform you get AI-powered insights that delve into every moment.

Integrates with your CRM and marketing automation platforms allow your teams to get more out of your webinar data.

Leverage endless customizable integrations that are reliable, scalable, and secure.

Automated Continuing Education (CE)

Deliver trainings and personalized webinar experiences that engage and educate your audience.

Automatically send out credits and certificates based on attendee behavior and your accrediting body's requirements and eliminate hours of administrative work.

Webinar Continuing Education
Event Producer

Managed Services

Create and deliver events on your own or tap into our team of event experts for help at any point along the way.

  • Webinar console and registration set up
  • Speaker on-boarding, training, and dry run
  • Dedicated live day support
  • On-site AV production
Webinar Software Leader

Happy Customers

Tracey M

"The webinar team was incredibly responsive (even on weekends and late hours, which was not expected) and was always quick to help. They were understanding and patient when providing instructions to our team and always willing to go over things again and answer additional questions. ."

Gemma G

"Its best feature is the ability to completely customise each webinar experience, with individualized brand, look and feel. The attendee interface is simple-to-use and allows admins to add/remove components to create an event experience that's fit for purpose for each event."

Tom M

"It's super cost effective alternative to ON24 without losing any functionality. In fact is super easy to use as they have put a lot of effort into the UI. And I must say they go out of their way to onboard you. No nickel and dimming with the pricing and they support a lot of integrations."

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