The Importance of Early Access for Virtual Event Attendees

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Many virtual event platforms like Communique allow you to open early access to the virtual environment ahead the actual live day(s).

Virtual Event Early AccessThere are many benefits to allowing attendees to access the event early. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea:

Attendees can get familiar with the virtual platform which decreases live day questions and confusion

If your guests are able to access your virtual event early, they will have more time to get familiar with the platform. This means they will be less likely to have confusion during the actual event. Plus, they’ll be able to navigate the platform more easily, which will make the event more enjoyable for them.

Attendees can participate in pre-event activities

If attendees are able to access the virtual event early, they can participate in pre-event activities. These activities could include things like networking, Q&A sessions, or interactive games. This will make the event more engaging for attendees and it will also give them something to do before the actual event begins.

You can also let attendees pre-register for or create a personal agenda for the sessions they want to attend. Sessions can have speaker bios as well as downloadable content such as white papers, slide decks, etc.

Attendees can help promote the event

If attendees are able to access the virtual event early, they might be more inclined to spread the word with friends and colleagues. In addition, they’ll can post about the event on social media, which will help to increase awareness about the event.

 Attendees can complete their profile

Customizing their profile as an event attendee is an important step when joining an event. Allowing your attendees to displaying relevant information about themselves is a great way to start networking with other event attendees. Particularly with virtual event platforms that offer A.I. based matchmaking.

Aside from uploading a photo, many virtual event platforms offer the ability for attendees to adjust their privacy settings. They can set their availability for meeting scheduling or enable/disable their availability for chats and networking.

Give more visibility to sponsors and exhibitors

Opening your event early will also allow guests to explore the exhibitor booths and sponsor links. Let your exhibitors and sponsors know that the event platform will open in advance of the actual event, and exhibitors will know to “staff their booth” so that they have representatives available for any questions or conversations from guests.


Overall, allowing attendees to access your virtual event early has many benefits. It will make the event more enjoyable for attendees and it will also help to increase attendance and engagement.

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