Virtual Conference AI Powered Networking

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How to Take Virtual Conferences to the Next Level When it Comes to Networking & Engagement?

Announcing New Netflix Style Networking and Content Suggestions for Virtual Conferences

Virtual Conference EngagementWhy does Netflix have that stickiness? It is its ability to translate data of past usage to predict what the customer might want next. “They curate a list for users.”

As event organizers look toward campaigns that place a greater emphasis on virtual conference platforms, the predictive nature of artificial intelligence will be crucial to taking the attendee experience to the next level. With the Communique’s AI Powered Matchmaking feature, event organizers are able to lead attendees on an experience-laden journey that ultimately educates them and connects them with peers and sponsors.

  • Networking Matching: Attendees can view suggested attendees and sponsors to connect with via text and video chat. Offline attendees can be connected through email.
  • Content Suggestions: Attendees can see and access suggested content (documents, presentations, videos, etc.) based on their profile and behavior (phase II – Sep 2021).
  • Booth Rep Meeting Scheduling: Enables attendees to schedule meetings with Booth Representatives within the environment. Appointments are saved to the attendees personal agenda.

Benefits of Communique’s Virtual Conference Matchmaking Tool

Networking in a virtual conference is possible but can be tricky if not executed efficiently. There are generally two types of networking at events:

  • Intentional networking – Attendees proactively search for other attendees by name, organization or keyword. The Communique virtual conference platform enables attendees to connect via text, video chat or email.
  • Unintentional networking – Bumping into other attendees in the hallway, at the bar, etc. at an in-person event is the most difficult thing to replicate with a virtual conference. Attendee matchmaking solves this problem. This makes it exciting for the attendees as they don’t know who exactly they will be matched with. However, they can be assured of being matched with someone who shares their interests. This helps them engage in meaningful conversations.

Event organizers can decide on a ‘networking hour’ and mention it in the agenda. Once the networking period starts, attendees can get a notification. Attendees will be able to network through random matchmaking and text or video chat.

“We want users to to come into a virtual conference and do more than just passively accept what is happening in the keynote or other areas,” said Paula Altable, Sr. Director of Client Success at Communique Conferencing. “Communique’s matching goes far beyond what is currently on the market. Artificial Intelligence combines their profile data as well as how they are engaging in the virtual conference including what rooms they visited and what content was consumed to serve up suggestions.”

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