Virtual Conference Platform with Avatars

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One of the many benefits of 3D virtual conference platforms is creating a more immersive experience for attendees through utilizing customized rooms and spaces to reflect the organizers brand, event goals and give that “wow factor”.

One major differentiator between 3D virtual vs. 2D virtual conference platforms is the use of avatars. Avatars are an excellent way for organizers and exhibitors to make the virtual conference stand out and reflect their brand with their audience. Further, avatars are a great way to represent their organizations culture and diversity.

Companies that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.

Types of 3D Avatar Based Virtual Conference Platforms

There are generally two types of 3D virtual conference platforms:

1) Platforms that Display 3D graphics in a 2D environment: The attendee sees and environment designs that look 3D using flat images with contrast, texture, color, lines and scale (that make them look 3D). Navigation between rooms and spaces is done by simple point-and-click with a mouse vs. moving around a personal avatars. The “avatars” located inside the virtual environment are static background people. Click here for platforms.

3D Virtual Conference Booth with Avatars

2) Fully immersive (Metaverse style) 3D virtual conference platforms: Attendees use their mouse or arrows on the screen to navigate the 3D environment using their own personal avatar. These platforms support serendipitous networking where attendees can bump into each other and strike up conversations. Click here for fully 3D virtual event platforms.

Virtual Conference Platform with Avatars

How to Choose Which 3D Virtual Conference Platform Works Best for You?

Choosing the right 3D virtual event platform for your unique need depends on a combination of event type, goals, and resource factors.

Event Type and Goals

  • What type of event are you hosting? Are the sessions the primary focus or is an exhibit hall with booths also important? Both 3D virtual conference platform types support sessions and expo booths.
  • Is your goal to replicate the in-person experience as much as possible including networking? If so, then the fully immersive 3D virtual conference platform with personal avatars works best.
  • Who are your attendees? Is the overall demographic younger or older? If older, you might want to consider the simple point-and-click 2D environment vs. the personal avatar format.
  • Does your event include sponsors? What are their needs and goals?

 Resource Factors

In most cases, budget ultimately decides which platform to go with. Following has a typical price range for the two platform types:

  • Display 3D graphics in a 2D environment (point-and-click navigation): $9K – $35K USD.
  • Immersive 3D environment with personal avatars: $15K – $90K USD.

What to Look for When Choosing a 3D Virtual Conference Platform With Personal Avatars

Make sure the platform is easy-to-use for your attendees. Avoid platforms that take too much time for attendees to configure their personal avatars. For example, if a platform offers clothing, skin color, hair length, hair color, facial hair, etc. attendees will take too much time getting set up and will miss a portion of your event. Further, your help desk will be filled with attendees complaining that the choices do not exactly match their look.

The best 3D personal avatar platforms have a few simple choices like adding their name and a graphic. Click here for a short video example.

How to Choose 2D Environment Virtual Conference Platform Avatars

Trade shows: Choose avatars that reflect or connect with your audience. What countries are they joining from? What age group? Lifestyle and profession (business professionals or truck drivers)? Do not use people wearing business suits for an Organic Farmers Expo.

virtual conference platform avatars

Corporate Events: Choose avatars that reflect your company culture. If diversity is a key virtue, add avatars that reflect diversity and inclusion.


Also, consider including people with disabilities in your virtual experience.

Use “cut outs”, which are images of actual employees or members placed inside of the rooms and spaces.

Virtual conference avatars help attendees feel a connection to the organizer and exhibitor booth owners creating a sense of belonging.

Make sure to consider your organizations values and your audience demographics when determine which virtual conference avatars to use when designing your next virtual conference.

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