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Virtual Conference Platform Lobby

Virtual Conference Lobby

When joining the virtual conference attendees access a fully customizable expo lobby where a video greeting can welcome them. Signs and a bottom navigation bar provide access to the other rooms including; Auditorium, Exhibit Hall, Resource Center and Networking Lounge. Attendees can also search for content and other attendees.

Choose from dozens of design templates or create any custom virtual conference design you can think of.

Exhibition Hall

The Virtual Exhibit Hall enables attendees to browse and search exhibitor booths. An exhibitor directory makes it easy to locate specific booths all with a click of their mouse.

Attendees can search for booths based on multiple keywords.


Virtual Conference Platform Booth

Virtual Conference Booth

Choose from dozens of booth templates or create any custom booth design. Virtual conference booths can include a variety of digital content including: documents, videos, website links, social media, surveys, webinars, and prize giveaways. Booths also facilitate engagement via chat and video. When a visitor enters a booth, representatives receive an alert.


Attendees can visit the virtual conference auditorium to attend live, simulive or on-demand webinar presentations that can include:

  • Q&A
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Speaker bios & downloadable resources
  • Presentations can be organized into different tracks or break out sessions.
  • Closed captioning
  • Live language interpretation
Virtual Conference Theater
Virtual Conference Platform Lounge

Attendee Networking Rooms

The Communications Center offers networking features including scheduled discussions, message boards, group chat by topics, and discussion forums.

Organizers can allow attendees the ability to connect with each other and share virtual business cards.

  • 1:1 and small group chat
  • Public chat for open dialogue
  • Moderated chat for guided discussion
  • Language translation (97 languages)

Virtual Conference Resource Center

A central repository for virtual event content including; videos, documents and website links with search and bookmark tools.

Resources can be organized into different content windows or a "media wall" design.

Tell us your attendee persona's and we will help you design the optimal content consumption strategy.

Virtual Conference Resources
Webinar Platform

Engaging Webinars

Use Communique's integrated Webinar service to deliver engaging Live, Semi-Live and On-Demand presentations (audio, slides and/or video) to any audience on any device.

Audience engagement features include; chat, Q&A, surveys, polls, closed captioning and live language translation.

Stream webcams, high-end camera or studio feeds.

Games and Prizes

Drive visitor behavior using gamification with live leaderboard. Assign points for activities and finding hidden objects (scavenger hunt).

  • Incentivize attendees to visit booths and engage with representatives
  • Promote content consumption
  • Assign varying point values by action
  • Offer prizes or other incentives individuals or group attendees into competing teams
Virtual Conference Platform Gamification




No attendee download required. Most modern browsers supported as well as mobile phones & tablets

Virtual Expo - Customizable


Fully Customizable to reflect your brand and virtual conference goals. Choose from dozens of existing templates or create any custom design you can think of

Virtual Conference Registration


Use our built-in registration form or use our public API to integrate with any 3rd party registration software. Track every detail of the virtual conference

Global Virtual Conference Platform


29 Languages supported allowing virtual conference organizers to simultaneously reach audiences worldwide. Live interpretation is available for webinar presentations

Virtual Expo Platform Secure


The most reliable, scalable (100K attendees), & secure cloud hosting infrastructure.  ISO 27001 certified giving you peace of mind attendee data is secure and compliant

Virtual Trade Show Software Hosted


Leverage our 20 years' experience. A dedicated project manager, webinar producer & live day support personnel help plan, build and execute flawless virtual conferences


A virtual conference or virtual event functions like a traditional bricks and mortar trade show. They include exhibit halls, booths, educational sessions, networking and access to resources in a customized virtual conference environment. This type of event is gaining popularity because it allows the attendee to forgo the expense of travel while enjoying some of the amenities of a conference.

There are realistic-looking halls or lobbies with booths for showcasing products and services. The attendee can view demos, pick up literature and chat with representatives in real time. Keynote speeches and seminars are delivered either in real time or on-demand via webcast or webinar technology.



Virtual Trade Show Platform Reviews

4.9 OUT OF 5 STARS Overall Satisfaction Rating Based on 126 Customer Reviews

Read the Reviews >

Virtual Trade Show Platform Review

Jason A.

As we wrap up our first virtual conference, we can certainly say that we are very happy with the dedication and customer service from the Communique support team. Courtney, our dedicated project manager, provided weekly phone meetings with us to keep the project on track. She was incredibly responsive. Even on the weekends. This kind of responsive and knowledgeable support is rare to experience and we hugely appreciate it. As this was the first time we had run a virtual conference, we had lots of questions. Communique even helped with marketing best practices and selling booth sponsor best practices. Visually the platform is the best that we found. The booths are highly interactive and mimics the physical experience of attending a conference.

Drew M.

Working with Communique Conferencing was a fantastic experience. It was our first time producing a virtual conference and our project manager and the rest of their support team was incredible.They clearly had deep experience hosting these types of virtual events and consulted with use every step of the way from marketing best practices to the environment look & feel. The platform is highly customizable and it worked incredibly well on PCs and mobile phones. The feedback from attendees was very positive.


Communique Conferencing is extremely responsive, professional and very easy to work with. They make it easy on the customer and are obviously very experienced in their field. We have been thrilled with their work ethic and sense of urgency. A great partner for our needs!

Gregg J.

We've been using Communique to host large virtual events for 6 years now. Their technology is reliable, highly customizable, and easy to use. Further, their project managers and support staff are incredible. Other companies we tried claimed to have good customer service. Communique delivers on that promise better than any provider we do business with.

Bill J.

We use Communique to host large, global events for our customers and partners. Their platform is incredibly reliable, secure and easy-to-use. In addition, the project managers and customer support staff are very good. They are responsive, knowledgeable... everything that you can ask for. I highly recommend Communique Conferencing.


Communique Conferencing BBB





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