Virtual & Hybrid Event glossary

What is a Virtual Event?

A virtual event enables an audience to interact through an online platform without gathering in person. Attendees from any location can join sessions, access content, and network via a virtual event platform rather than travel to a physical location.

Virtual events can range from small group sessions to large-scale events with thousands of attendees. The term virtual event describes various online interactions such as virtual trade shows, virtual conferences, virtual user conference, and virtual career conferences.

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How to Plan a Virtual Event

A robust virtual event platform allows organizers to plan and host successful virtual events. It provides a variety of features that contribute to unique event experiences.

A virtual event can be an online conference, virtual trade show, virtual career fair, customer/partner event, or any online interaction. Planning a virtual event is different from planning conventional physical events, and it requires a certain level of thought and execution to deliver positive results.

Proper preparation and planning are imperative to hosting a successful virtual event. It’s a common misconception that virtual events require minimal planning. In fact, virtual conferences require as much attention in planning as in-person conferences.. Sufficient planning for a virtual conference ensures conference success.  

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What is a Virtual Conference?

A virtual conference is an interactive online event that replicates the aspects of a traditional in-person conference. It brings together an audience, speakers, and possibly sponsors in an interactive platform.

Virtual conferences depict similar aspects as conventional physical conferences. These include multiple speakers, keynote and breakout sessions, audience interaction, networking and more. Hosts can live-stream speaker sessions or record them in advance.

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What is a Virtual Job Fair?

A virtual job fair is an online recruitment event where recruiters and employers connect with potential employees and job seekers. It transforms the way potential employers and job seekers interact. Virtual job fairs can leverage features such as live chat, webinar presentations, webcasts, and more for seamless interactions.

Virtual job fairs help  recreate the traditional career fair  online . They combine features such as meeting rooms, booths, and guest speakers, allowing attendees to understand employers better.  This recruitment method enables employers to achieve a higher rate of success when hiring.

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What is a Hybrid Event?

A hybrid event caters to both in-person and virtual attendees with each combining various elements to deliver optimal audience experiences. Attendees can choose to travel to the physical location or participate through a virtual event platform. 

Hybrid events provide the perfect balance between entirely virtual and in-person events. Instead of picking a virtual event and losing the benefits of an in-person event or vice versa, the hybrid event gives you both. With the right hybrid event platform, organizers can efficiently deliver value to both live and virtual attendees.

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What is the Best Virtual Event Platform to Choose?

A virtual event platform is a software tool with streaming audio and video capabilities to enable users to host interactive online experiences. Virtual event platforms have a suite of features to boost engagement for your event. Therefore, the platform you plan to use for your event should elevate the attendee experience and allow seamless engagements. 

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