Virtual Trade Show 2017 Benchmark Report

A look at trends from attendance to engagement

Virtual Trade Shows have become an important marketing tool to generate leads and drive new business. A few best practices can make the difference between a huge success and a waste of time and resources.

For global organizations, Virtual Conferences erase the barriers of time and geography and make it easy for anyone to access and consume content anytime, from anywhere. 2017 saw companies of all sizes adopt Virtual Conferences for a variety of applications, including marketing, training and corporate communications.

Virtual Trade Show 2017 Benchmark Report

Learn industry benchmarks and best practices for delivering successful virtual conferences. Topics covered in this report include:

  • Popular days and times for events
  • Registration and attendance
  • Viewer duration for virtual conferences and webcasts
  • Audience interactivity
  • Desktop vs. mobile device access
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Virtual events are the new innovations when it comes to modern interactions and marketers are eagerly tapping into this new tool. So why not start the year off with an exciting way to extend your reach?

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