ZapConnect Virtual Event Increases Attendance by 422%

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Industry: Software

Technology Solution: Event Hub Live


ZapConnect was Zapier’s first-ever virtual event. Prior to ZapConnect, the marketing team utilized Webinars to connect with current and prospective clients.

This was also the first large scale event where Zapier users had an opportunity to connect with the Zapier team. It was critical that the virtual event included lots of 1:1 and group conversations and a good deal of engagement opportunities.

The Goal: 

The primary goal of virtual event was educating current and prospective clients as to what is possible within Zapier. The secondary goal was to help attendees gain foundational skills in using easy automation to streamline workflows.

In addition, Zapier wanted to significantly increase their registration and attendance numbers compared to their prior results using webinars.

Why Communique Conferencing:

Zapier evaluated six difference virtual event platforms. They determined that Event Hub Live had the best combination of streaming technology, audience engagement, ease-of-use, integration with hubspot, and customer support (both set up and day of event) at an incredibly affordable price. Zapier also wanted to incorporate exhibit booths where participants could connect with staff members and their product team.

Event Hub Live Case Study

The Solution: 

  1. Utilize Event Hub Live’s API to establish a two-way integration with their Hubspot CRM platform in order to (a) streamline marketing e-mail campaigns to drive registration (b) push registration data back to Hubspot CRM real-time to eliminate manual data imports.
  2. Enabled the marketing team to easily customize the registration landing page and virtual environment with graphics and other brand assets.
  3. Utilized Event Hub Live’s native streaming technology to handle up to 15,000 concurrent attendees with options to engage with speakers including Q&A and polls. In addition, Zapier needed to host up to 6 concurrent sessions/tracks.
  4. Leveraged text and small group video for networking.
  5. Create an exhibit hall with booths by solution that enabled attendees to engage with staff.
  6. Employed gamification with leaderboard to encourage participation and add an element of fun.
  7. Complete white-label solution so that their brand is front and center, not the platform.
  8. Loads of analytics to measure attendance, how long, live and recorded session views, booth visits, and content downloads by user.

In addition to the virtual event platform, Communique also provided Zapier fanatical support before and during the event. A customer success manager helped with training and event set up questions. Communique also provided live 24×7 chat, any time of day, for set up questions and live day support.


Zapier hit a home run with their first virtual event. The analytics revealed that they eclipsed their goals in virtually every aspect.

  • Attendance increased by 422% vs. their previous average webinars’ attendance.
  • Total session views surpassed goals by 34%
  • Overall increase in product usage post event

“From our first contact with Communique, we knew we’d be supported throughout the entirety of the virtual event. Our CSM Julia was instrumental in helping us get trained on the admin console. She also replied promptly when we needed quick answers. The 24×7 chat support team was also extremely helpful.” – Denise – SVP

Overall, Zapier was very happy with their virtual event outcome. They had planning future virtual events with upgrades to scheduling and programming to better support international audiences.

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